Workshop with

Lizette Pompa

18- 19 April 2020 the amazing Lizette Pompa will visit us for the first time. 

Four different classes will be held this weekend; 3 classes Saturday and 1 class Sunday.  The classes will be taught in English.


"Hamstrings: Strengthen to Lengthen” 2hrs 

If you have been doing yoga for some time, it probably means you have been doing a reasonable amount of forward folds. Strengthening the hamstrings helps to bring balance to our back body so that it doesn't live in an overly lengthened state. Get ready to work your muscles in their full range of motion to help them get strong and mobile.


”Redefining the Pelvic Tuck” 2hrs

Should we tuck the pelvis in yoga? Should we not tuck the pelvis in yoga? Find your new strength, teach your body how to find a neutral pelvic position. Learn to free your pelvis moving from an anterior to posterior tilt to find the center. Then translate that into your postures through class. You will surprise yourself with how your body feels as you move with this new pelvic awareness.

”Deconstructing your Backbends” 2,5 hrs

What does it really take in your body to do a backbend? Is it just the spine? The answer is, no!

Come and explore how your hips and glutes support your backbends in a way you haven't experienced before. Learn to recruit these muscles to get them doing what they are designed to do and access your backbends like never before.

”Yoga Strength: How to add load to your yoga practice” 2,5hrs

Load will stimulate your tissues to adapt and become stronger. When our tissues are stronger, our body becomes resilient and therefore we are less likely to experience injuries. Only by adding loan can our tissues adapt and increase their tolerance. Come, play and learn how by using yoga blocks, towels or your water bottle you can become stronger.  More load = stronger tissues = better yoga practice.


Date; Saturday-Sunday 18-19 April 2020

Time;to be annonced

Cost: 550 NOK per class, all 4 classes; 2000 NOK 

Påmelding er bindende og det er snart åpent for påmelding - send mail til om du vil delta på alle klassene

Etter betaling er plassen din bekreftet.  Kan du ikke stille, kan du skaffe en erstatter og gi oss beskjed.

About Lizette

yoga teacher from HotYogaUppsala

Lizette is a versatile yoga teacher who loves to incorporate strength in different ways through class. She now teaches mainly Vinyasa and Hatha. She came to yoga for the physical benefits, but today she also finds strength and empowerment through meditation and breathing exercises.

Her mission is to inspire others to get physically and mentally strong while using traditional yoga mixed with strength drills and workouts. She is particularly happy when she can combine yoga and empowering women, which is an ongoing project for her, especially with yoga strength drills.

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